Monday, February 18, 2013

House Party Adventure Time With Fiona And Cake

We were one of a thousand people chosen to host an Adventure Time With Fionna and Cake Viewing Party for House Party.  We were given a party package from House Party and were asked to be the first to view the new episode of Fionna and Cake. We had to throw a party with all the works.
 This is what we were given: aFree DVD, access to images we can use for press wall and VIP passes, Stop Bullying bracelets, comic books, and of course the Preview DVD :)  We were also asked to video our party too.  This was sooooo much fun
1.  Our party themed food :)





Nephew in law made the bacon pancakes :)
I have the most awesome sister in law that bakes and did our rainbow cake!!
 2.  Our Press Wall and Guests!
My awesome niece made the hats and backpacks LOVE her
My awesome niece made both guitars, cuz she's awesome :)
3.  Having Fun :)